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A Review for Guitar Lessons

Review for Zach Loss: “Over the past several months, my 6 year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Zach. Watching her learn an instrument for the very first time, and progress over time has been amazing. Zach is a wonderful instructor with lots of patience and perseverance – we love Valencia School of Music and have been extremely happy!!”

~Denise A. review on Google +

A Review for Voice Lessons

Review for Kelly Bennett: “I have been coming to Valencia School of Music for a year and I can already see a difference in my singing. It was difficult for me to hold pitches, but now I’m so confident about my sound and it feels so much better to get on a stage not nervous about my sound not shaking.

I absolutely love Kelly and feel so comfortable around her and the entire staff. The atmosphere is so inviting and everyone is so friendly, both students and staff members.”

~Katherine P. review on Google +

A Review for Piano Lessons

Review for Kelly Bennett: “My son, 8, has been playing piano with Kelly for over three years now and loves her to death. She has always had a positive and paitent approach to our energetic little guy. Kelly has always allowed him to go at his own pace, backed off with reassurance when he was frustrated, and encouraged him to be bold and try pieces that are challenging but doable. He has also performed on stage three years in a row during the annual Showcase in late Spring, as we’ve watched that terrified 5 year old become a confident 8 year old piano player who loves that his teacher allows him to experiment with songs he requests and songs from his past. She has taught him to love music and has been been a wonderful process to watch.

Lastly, our son very often has his lesson directly after a vocal lesson from other students. Not only is it clear that she gives the same care and motivation to every student, but she also has one of the best voices I have ever heard in my life.”

~Tim H. review on Google +

A Review for Guitar Lessons

Review for Jose Valencia: “My son has been taking guitar lessons with Jose Valencia for 4 years now. He is now 13 years old, but started lessons with him when he was in 4th grade. He was originally recommended to us by a friend. Jose is wonderful: an amazing teacher, a fantastic person, and I cannot tell you how much my son is enjoying the guitar. It has become a real passion of his.

Jose has just the right way of guiding him, pushing him in an encouraging way. He is outstanding. My son started off with the acoustic guitar and has been also playing the electric guitar for the past couple of years. Today they had their recital at Crossroads. This was my son’s 4th recital. All I can say is wow! I was so impressed with the recital, and my son played with a band, performing the song, Zombie, by the Cranberries. They were fantastic, and my son was incredible. Of course I am so proud of him, and I hand a great deal of the credit to Jose, for his wonderful teaching over the years. My older son also began taking lessons with Jose, enjoying it immensely. They have two different personalities, and Jose is excellent with them both! Jose’s wife is also amazing. I could not recommend Valencia School of Music any more highly.”

~Adrian G. review on Yelp

A Review for Guitar Lessons

Review for Zach Loss: “Just got a guitar lesson with Valencia Music’s newest addition to their roster, Zach. Now I’ve been playing guitar for about 8 years or so. My music education has consisted of books, DVDs, Internet. But nothing beats having an experienced instructor in person. Zach is the real deal. He is very patient and I felt very comfortable with asking him any potentially dumb questions. I look forward to future lessons to fill in the gaps of my playing and taking my skills to the next level.”

~Jimmy D. review on Google +

A Review for Ukulele Instruction

Review for Jose Valencia: “Jose is thee most amazing teacher we have ever seen. I was a board of Ed Teacher, then a music teacher. He has the professionalism and patience of a saint. And he has teaching skills to back it all up in a nice bow. Westfield AND neighboring areas needed this business and didn’t probably even know it. I’ve called everywhere to find a music teacher and the the service on the phone alone is sad. As a teacher I know good teaching and am blessed to have come across this husband and wife business. As the spouse of this review, I endorse Jose too. My evolution of my wife’s playing has improved immensely. Thx,Jose!!!!(Dr. And Mrs. Magera)”

~Piper M. review on Google +

A Review for Piano Lessons

Review for Kelly Bennett: “My kids have been taking lessons for piano with Kelly for the past 4 years. She is a wonderful teacher, with immense patience.”

~Shefali K. review on Facebook

A Review for Bass Lessons

Review for Jose Valencia: “I am a 30 year old adult and was interested in taking up the bass. I was referred to Valencia Music by a friend. I’ve heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” so I was expecting to struggle through this but I am learning so much so fast and having a great time. We are going through exercises that are helping me sound better and I am being taught music that I like. The Valencia’s are very nice and I am surprised how fast the lessons go. I am very glad a referred to such a great teacher!.”

~Greg G. review on Yelp

A Review for Guitar Lessons

Review for Jose Valencia: “Jose has been Sarah’s guitar instructor for over 2 years. His teaching style is perfect for her. He is accommodating, kind and patient. Jose also does an incredible job of catering to my daughter’s taste in music. She is always excited about whatever new song she’s learning. Jose knows how to challenge Sarah so that she continually improves. All of these qualities have made my daughter’s musical experience exactly what it should be – fun, challenging, fulfilling and motivating. I love to hear her play. She always comes out of her lesson with a smile on her face! Thanks Jose! You’re awesome!”

~Jay S. review on Google +

A Review for Ukulele and Voice Lessons

Review for Jose Valencia and Kelly Bennett: “I have been taking voice and ukulele lessons here. Both Kelly and Jose are amazing. They blend music theory with a lot of practical application, so it is actually a lot of fun learning new techniques. They are very knowledgeable and skilled teachers. I have been taking music lessons of one sort or another (piano and violin) for the last 7 years and I have to say, kelly and jose are probably some of the best instructors I have had.”

~Dheeptha B. review on Google +

A Review for Guitar Lessons

Review for Jose Valencia: “Not only is Jose from Valencia Music an amazing guitar teacher he is also a terrific person. My son who started lessons two years ago absolutely loves him. Jose is very talented and knowledgable on the guitar. My son has learned so much from Jose. He engages the student by letting them have a say in what type of music they would like to learn. As a parent, I completely trust that my son is in a patient and caring environment during his lesson. Jose is as sweet as they come, and adding that to his outstanding teaching ability and work ethic, I cannot recommend him enough.”

~Alyce M. review on Yelp

A Review for Voice Lessons

Review for Kelly Bennett: “My son has been taking voice lessons with Kelly for almost three years. He has made such a tremendous progress! Kelly is very professional and a great voice teacher. She taught him all the right techniques. He is now developing into a quite professional vocalist and easily passing auditions for kids musicals and even thinking about the career in music. But not just classical, he can now easily sing the pop songs too, and he is a lead singer for the local children band. We can’t be more pleased and I highly recommend Valencia Music for children lessons.”

~Julia B. review on Google +

A Review for Guitar Lessons

Review for Jose Valencia: “I can’t say enough good things about Jose and his teaching skills. My son Vincent, picked up a guitar at age 11 and almost 4 years later hasn’t put it down. Jose taught my son for over 2 years and in that time he’s learned so much and continues to learn because of the fundamentals he’s learned from Jose. He’s gained the confidence to perform live and now is making his own original music, which is being played on the number one Indie Radio Show on the net. Jose is the real deal and if you’re serious and committed to learning guitar I would highly recommend you contact him.”

~Carolyn M. review on Google +

A Review for Guitar Lessons

Review for Jose Valencia: “Review for Jose Valencia “My daughter (age 9) takes guitar lessons and really likes this studio. Her last place was rather boring with songs she had never heard of before. Here Jose works with her to find music she is excited to learn. Practice time has been much, much easier and the extra practice and attention is reflected when she plays”

~Camille A. review on Yelp