2017 – 2018  School Year Lesson Policy

Thank you so much for your interest in taking lessons with Valencia School of Music!  We are committed to making sure that your experience with the school not only fosters a supportive learning environment, and also offers fun, informative lessons and group experiences.  In order to offer the highest quality of education, we must make sure that our instructors are given appropriate time to give each student the attention they need while also maintaining order in their own schedule.  Each teacher instructs between 15 and 65 students each week.  In order to give every student fair and reasonable use of their time, the below policies have been set forth.

Private lessons are one on one and are committed to and paid for on a monthly basis.  Each instructor’s schedule has different availability.  All students/parents of the school are responsible to become familiar with these guidelines once they begin lessons.  The policies will be posted on the website should anyone ever need to reference at a later time.  Policies may change at any time.

Tuition: Lesson Tuition is paid for on a monthly basis, and breaks down as follows:

Weekly 30-minute lessons are $35 each and billed monthly at $130

Weekly 60-minute lessons are $70 each and billed monthly at $260.  

Lessons can be prorated to accommodate vacations and other planned absences, as long as they are scheduled at the end of the previous month/beginning of the current month when tuition is paid.

Lesson Policies:

Lessons are scheduled Mondays through Saturdays and are scheduled upon availability. Please feel free call 908.967.0458 for more information or to schedule an appointment with your instructor.  Students/Parents must contact the school directly.  Notifying the instructor may not allow for adequate notice as they do not handle their own scheduling.

Tuition is due on the last lesson of the preceding month.  This is in order to hold the place for the following lesson dates.

There will be a $10.00 late fee charged for late payment.

If working with a master teacher (Jose, Nick or Kelly for the 2017-18 school year) will pay for one week of vacation lessons (meaning that if you are scheduled to be in a lesson, you will still pay for that lesson during the month’s regular tuition)   You are welcome to choose another teacher if you prefer to work with someone else as this policy may not be preferred for every student.  Students will be informed of vacation days for master teachers at least one week in advance.

Group Lessons:  There are no credits or makeups for group lessons.

Months with 5 Lessons:  Each month there are days of the week that will have 5 lessons during the month instead of 4. We do not charge extra for these lessons, however they are used as floating lessons that can be used as makeups.  Each student is given 2 of those lessons as floating makeups that they can use if they are not able to give ample notice for a lesson cancellation.  Each instructor is also given 2 of those weeks as shown below in the leave policy.  We do this in order to keep a consistent monthly payment, and to also allow for last minute cancellations as well as instructor leave for their ability to give the best instruction possible.

Should a 5 week month follow or precede a month with a holiday or other closure and the lessons have not been otherwise applied, the additional lessons will be applied to the month with the holiday/closure.  For example, if there are 5 Tuesdays and Wednesdays in November, and they have not been used for a student cancellation, they will be applied to December as a lessons toward that month as December usually only has 3 lesson weeks.  The full month discount will still apply in that case to both months since the average amount of lessons are 4 and 4 instead of 5 and 3.

Cancellations:  Lessons cancelled without one FULL WEEK’S NOTICE will not be guaranteed a makeup. Under no circumstances will those lessons be credited the following month.  Students may be offered 1-2 options for makeups, however it is not guaranteed that the lessons will be made up based on instructor scheduling.  Lessons for some teachers cannot be made up due to studio time being completely booked without one week’s notice for cancellations.  Your makeup also may or may not be with the same instructor with less than one week’s notice if a makeup is possible.  Please do not expect lessons to be made up without this notice.  Makeups with any less than 1 week’s notice will be at the school’s discretion based on scheduling and other factors.  There will also be 2 floating makeup lessons that an instructor can use as your makeups at their discretion (Please see Months with 5 lessons above).  There will be no tuition credits the following month with less than one week’s notice cancellation for any lessons.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.  Any cancellations made over the phone or in studio may not be guaranteed.  Please be sure to follow up any requests via email or text message to 908.967.0458.

Should students be available for a partial month of lessons, they will be charged at the individual lesson tuition rate of $35 per half hour and $70 per hour.  

Students who take half hour lessons are limited to 6 credited lessons per school year.  Students who take hour lessons or more are limited to 4 credited lessons per school year.  Students may still call out or request rescheduled lessons, however should a makeup be unable to be made, regardless of the notice given, a credit may not be issued.  

Informing your instructor does not constitute adequate notice for schedule changes.  Should you tell the instructor but not contact the school’s main phone number (908) 967.0458, or email valenciamusicnj@gmail.com, the scheduling personnel may not have adequate notice to reschedule and a credit may not be offered.  

Please note that illness or emergency also do not guarantee a makeup.  While instructors and school administration are very sympathetic to such occurrences, and will do their best to accommodate, due to scheduling circumstances beyond their control they may not be able to make up such lessons when less than 1 week’s notice is given for the missed lesson.  However, illness and emergency are prioritized for makeups and rescheduling.  

Extended or Summer Breaks: Students who skip a month or more must understand that they may lose their lesson day and time.  Students who take off for more than 3 lessons in a row will forfeit their lesson spot.  

Should a student wish to take off for the summer they are welcome to pay for the September tuition prior to leaving for the summer.  Any students who take a break for the summer and do not prepay for their current time in June will forfeit their spot so that continuing or new students may take it permanently.  

Holidays: Instructors may choose to teach on holidays.  However the school is officially closed on Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  

The school will be closed from Friday, December 23rd and reopening Monday, January 2nd for the holiday break.  Students will not be charged for these weeks, however if there are less than 3 lessons the tuition will be charged at the $35 or $70 rate per lesson respectively.

Students who wish to schedule makeups for holidays in which the school is closed should contact us at 908.967.0458.  Instructors may work on holidays including but not limited to Presidents Day, Columbus Day.  Please contact the school at 908.967.0458 if your lesson falls on one of those holidays and you have questions about scheduling.

Inclement Weather: Students who have lessons that fall on days where there is inclement weather (i.e. snow days) may be able to attend their lesson via skype.  Please fill in any information regarding skype username at the end of this form in order to set up online lessons for days when students can not attend lessons due to weather.

Promptness: All students must be on time for your lesson as lessons are scheduled back to back for the entire day. When arriving late the student will be afforded the remaining time for their lesson. Please promptly inform the studio should you expect to be late as soon as possible.  If you fail to notify the school and arrive more than 15 minutes late, the lesson may be considered forfeited.

Practice: To maintain reasonable progress, students are expected to practice regularly. Students who don’t maintain reasonable practice habits may be replaced with new students who want to be given the opportunity to learn. 

Returned Check Fee: $30

Refunds:  There are No Refunds. All students are expected to finish the month committed to or forfeit any payments should they not wish to continue.  Should extreme circumstances arise, please contact the school directly.