Performances with Valencia Music


Students at all levels benefit from the added experience of performances.  Recitals and showcases give students the opportunity to develop the skills to prepare and work toward goals in their lessons.  Many students are also able to learn about performing in a comfortable, supportive setting where they can focus on improving instead of the pressure of an intense performance experience.

Many students start participating in performances after 6 months to 1 year of lessons.  Some students who have previous experience may decide that they are comfortable performing sooner.

Each year we have a few performances that are listed below.

Guitar Student Performance

Winter Recital

The first performance of the school year, the winter recital focuses more on classical, winter and musical theater repertoire.  Students perform at the Presbyterian Church in Westfield.  Piano students enjoy playing on a beautiful grand piano, and each recital is limited to no more than 25 participants.  At the end of every recital, all of the participants and the audience members are invited to sing a holiday song about peace, love and unity.

Spring Showcase

Spring Showcase Performance

The second major performance of the school year is our spring showcase.  With a focus on contemporary music, students have the chance to rehearse with and work towards playing with a student ensemble or rock band.  Student bands have covered songs by The Beatles, AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Muse and others.  Jazz ensembles have also made a debut, with songs by Steve Brubeck, Henry Mancini and more.

Spring Fling Performances

Street Fairs and Festivals

Valencia School of Music is often invited to perform at local and community events including Festifall, Spring Fling and Garwood Rocks as well as other performances.


Students are also invited to participate in competitions, as well as preparing for auditions at the school, regional, state and national level.  Does you child want to learn the skills to play in a band or perform as a soloist?  Fill out the form below and contact us today!

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