Step Up Class for Kids

Our Newest class – The Step Up Class for Young Kids!

A Music Class for Children ages 4-7

What is the step up class and who can join?

Any students ages 4-7 years old who have an interest in music, but might not be ready to start formal one on one lessons.

All children develop at different rates.  This class allows a fun group environment for learning music and getting ready for performances with a wonderful teacher who is great with kids at this age!

Kids will learn the basics of music and note reading.  They will learn about singing, ukulele, piano and percussion.  All students enrolled will also have a chance to participate in a group performance 1-2 times per year!

As students progress, the instructor will make recommendations when students are ready to “graduate” and start learning their favorite instrument.

The class is $100 per month and operates on a rolling admission basis.  Each class is limited to 6 students for individualized attention and focus from the instructor.

Our current class, Saturday 11-12 is now full.  We will be opening up an additional Saturday class starting in December, and a Thursday evening class starting in January!  Please fill out the form below to reserve a spot!

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