DJ Class in Westfield, NJ

Adults DJ Class

We are currently offering private lessons for adult DJ students. We offer private DJ classes in 60, 90 and 120 minute increments.

Students in our DJ lessons learn the basics of mixing and beat matching.  We provide the skills and instruction for students to apply their skills to their situation.  Looking to play karaoke or parties with family?  Are you working towards DJ’ing at clubs and local bars for extra earning income?  Work with our teachers to develop your skills and meet your goals!

Some of the topics student in our DJ Classes will cover:

Setting up equipment and running Serato DJ

Beatmatching and Blending Songs

Cue Points in Serato DJ

Counting Beats and Song StructureDJ Class Westfield, NJ

Recording Your Mixes

Using Effects

Working Comfortably in improvisational group Sessions

Methods of Music Organization

Reading a Crowd

Principles of Harmonic Mixing ‘in Key’

Using Samples & Acapellas/Instrumentals in your Mixes

Want more info or to register for a private DJ Class?  Call us at 908.967.0458 or email us at to register below today!

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